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The Toggle Post Filter is a an AJAX-powered tool that shows you posts that match selected tags. The list of posts is updated live when you change the tags. This feature comes with two themes. You can optionally search for text, show the posts below the menu and sort them in a column or masonry layout or hide the menu in a slider. Menu, post block, messages and an optional reset button are created by different blocks or shortcodes and can therefore be placed where ever you need them.

This page shows the filter using the operator "IN AND": Posts must have at least one tag in each of the groups. When you click on a recipe and then return to this page, we will remember for 30 minutes your search criteria and which post you clicked so that you can continue where you left off. We turned off the default transition (fade) so that posts load faster.

We also have other demos where you find more layouts. Check out the overview page.

Here you can browse tags of sample cooking recipes.

This tag cloud combines the tags from five groups. We also append the number of posts to each tag.


The Post List is a static list of posts that match selected groups.

14 posts found.

Multi-Group-Aware Tag Cloud

You can use the same tag under multiple groups. See for example the tag "cold meals" under "Meal Type" and "Preparation". When you click on this tag, you will see different posts, depending on the group where you click. The reason is that this tag was used in these posts with different groups.


Groups are displayed in tabs. Under each group you find a tag cloud of tags that belong to this group. We are using the default theme and a custom tooltip (hover the mouse over a tag).

Groups are stacked vertically. In this demo we use only a selection of four groups and tags are sorted by post count. In this demo, panels open on "mouseover" (hovering the pointer over the panel) and links open in a new tab. Between tags we use a separator.

This tag cloud uses custom styling and a custom title (tooltip). We also append the number of posts to each tag.


Meal TypeIngredientsPreparationPreparation TimeOrigin
breakfast and brunch2 starter1 cold meal1 main dish9 salad1 side dish1 dessert3 toast1 garlic5 apple cider vinegar1 baking powder1 beef1 bread crumbs1 cacao powder1 cheese2 chicken2 cilantro1 coconut oil1 cornstarch1 cumin1 duck1 egg5 fish2 fish sauce2 flour7 ginger1 honey1 jam1 lemon1 lentils1 lime1 mushrooms1 noodles2 oil4 onion4 oregano1 pea1 pepper4 pepperoni1 pork2 rice1 rice vinegar2 sesame oil1 rice wine1 sherry1 soy sauce1 sucanat1 sugar2 Teriyaki sauce1 tomato3 vanilla1 wine1 baking6 boiling5 cold meal2 grilling & frying4 5 min1 15 min3 30 mins4 1 hour6 3+ hours2 Austria2 Czech Republic2 Denmark1 France2 Germany2 India1 Italy2 Japan3 Korea1 Myanmar1 Netherlands1 Slovakia1 Switzerland1 Thailand1 UK2 USA1
This tag cloud sorts your tags by their first letters under tabs. In this demo we exclude the letters "m", "n" and "o" and the numbers 0-9, use the separator "|", prepend "{" and append "} → {count}". The font sizes range from 16px to 32px. We also use here parameters to change the color of the tags.


Add a search field to any static tag cloud (Tabbed, Accordion, Table or Simple). We are using "+" as separator.

The Dynamic Post Filter is a an AJAX-powered tool that shows you posts that match selected tags. The list of posts is updated live when you change the tags.

We cannot present this feature here because we already display the version with toggles, but you can view it on this page.Screenshot-tag groups premium - 2-layered
TGP - Meta Box - colored tagsWe would love to show you also the Meta Box that lets you
  • add tags to posts, sorted into groups;
  • prevent that authors add new tags;
  • bulk add all tags of a group with one click;
  • identify by color which tags are new or have been moved to another group.
Since the Meta Box appears only on the post edit screen in the backend, we invite you to see it on your own site with a free trial.

These features come with the premium plans of the WordPress plugin Tag Groups. We populated the demo content with recipes.

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Tag Groups (free)

Organize your tags in groups.

Tag Groups (premium plans)

Bring tag groups to your posts and do amazing stuff.

Redirect URL to Post

Redirect to anything that looks like a post. Almost anything.

Creative Tag Cloud

Make your tag cloud wave and curl.


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