Redirect URL to Post

Example Links With Redirect URL to Post

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The appended parameter ?redirect_to= … causes that each link redirects directly to a post in single post view. For demonstration purposes, we have created here some posts with arbitrary content.


See all parameters.

Example Links

The links below were made for the posts of the demo site. You find more general link examples on this page.

Redirect to a random post

Redirect to the latest post in the category “Tag Groups Premium”

Redirects to the oldest post, excluding the posts with the IDs 9, 13 and 18,13,18

Redirect to the post with the highest comment count

Redirect to the oldest post that contains the word “url”

Redirect to a random post and track the visit

We can also use links to our main website, because there too the plugin is installed:

Redirect to a random post that is older than 1 month but not older than 6 months