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tag cloud color holes

Example of tags with styling

Using one of the predefined colors for the tags. Green Slate Gray Tags With Holes Material design with punch holes. (details here) Shuffle Box (premium…
Post List

Example of the Post List

This example demonstrates the post listing where posts are selected by tag groups. The list can be inserted with a Gutenberg block or a shortcode.…
tag groups menu

Tag Groups Menu

The following shortcode generates a menu displaying tag groups. When visitors select a group, they are taken to the default posts (or products, …) page where…
Shuffle Box - tag cloud text search - WordPress

Examples of the Shuffle Box

The Shuffle Box is a tag cloud that allows you to filter the tags by their names or by their tag groups. Read more
Screenshot-tag groups premium - 2-layered

Example of the Dynamic Post Filter

This post demonstrates the use of a shortcode to display the dynamic post filter where visitors first select a group and then pick tags from…