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Color of tags in tag clouds

The following tag clouds were created with the “Combined Tag Cloud”, but they work also with other static1 clouds. We prepend “#” and append “{count}” See the documentation for more information. tag-groups-theme-green tag-groups-theme-blue tag-groups-theme-red tag-groups-theme-orange tag-groups-theme-black tag-groups-theme-darkred tag-groups-theme-midnightblue tag-groups-theme-slategray tag-groups-theme-tag-with-hole Here we use the same font …

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Tag Groups Menu

The following shortcode generates a menu displaying tag groups. When visitors select a group, they are taken to the default posts (or products, …) page where they see a list of posts that is filtered by this group. Options See all parameters. Code Meal TypeIngredientsPreparationOrigin Output Please …

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